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Al Wilson Jr., Head Coach

With a career in Division I and European pro basketball already under his belt, Al Wilson stepped up to a dual challenge at MMS, serving as both head basketball coach and Director of Student Development.

But Wilson really doesn’t see it as double duty.

“There’s really no difference in both roles, because either way, the job is to mold young people to be the best they can be—following the example of Christ. If I can help you be the best person you can be, it’ll carry over into your life and into your career. It’s going to carry over academically, socially, spiritually.

“I am charged with further developing this basketball program…but I see that as just further developing young men. I’m not as concerned about wins and losses—it’s about what God wants. Now, don’t get me wrong: we do expect to win, but the trophies are just byproducts. The trophies aren’t our focus—because I’ve seen where that can go, and it’s not always pretty.”

Wilson is impressed not just with his players, but with all the students at MMS.

“It’s refreshing: kids here are different than some I’ve been exposed to where ‘entitlement’ is their middle name—and their parents were right there to see to it! But here, it’s thirst and humility. We have kids who are appreciative and are willing to learn and be coached.”

In his role as Director of Student Development, Wilson says he wants life at MMS to revolve around three pillars: Character, Integrity, and Accountability. He’s also intent on seeing to it that students develop life skills ranging from mastering a firm business handshake to dealing with ethical dilemmas.

Asked what he would like to look back upon after his years on campus, Al simply replies, “That I was used by Christ to affect the lives of many. I want the Lord to say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’”

Coach Wilson’s Victories

  • More than ten years of head coaching experience, two District Championships and two Elite Eight appearances in Ohio High School Basketball
  • Collegiate and professional playing experience
  • Ability to teach how to consistently be a successful person on and off the athletic field, using basketball as a tool
  • Husband to Kahli and father to Albert, Selena, Victor and Titus